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Global Coronavirus Cases & Deaths

Afghanistan3419420882971 311234187825Details
Albania3278187585 111318113930Details
Algeria1780812637988 53418340623Details
Andorra85580352 0011065673Details
Angola39611722 6257120.7Details
Anguilla33 00200Details
Antigua and Barbuda73573 11374531Details
Argentina90693389841749 68849960200639Details
Armenia3090318709546 101164810428184Details
Aruba105983 0498328Details
Australia93597576106 1316773674Details
Austria1870916808706 91195207778Details
Azerbaijan2299014093292 668605226729Details
Bahamas1078911 1727228Details
Bahrain3152826520103 5449051852361Details
Bangladesh178443864062275 189762108314Details
Barbados98907 0134124Details
Belarus6460454254454 899896683748Details
Belgium62357171799781 36353975380844Details
Belize33202 011835Details
Benin128533323 19291062Details
Bermuda1491379 132393145Details
Bhutan8055 025104Details
Bolivia44113133541638 71291213778140Details
Botswana314311 12821330.4Details
Brazil1762263118559669316 83185073518289326Details
British Virgin Islands871 0026533Details
Bulgaria66723229262 28318196038Details
Burkina Faso100586253 090483Details
Burundi1911181 072160.08Details
Cabo Verde155273018 0804279132Details
Cambodia141131 1108Details
Cameroon1491611525359 52303256214Details
Canada106805705748749 2152274822829232Details
Caribbean Netherlands77 00267Details
Cayman Islands2011971 03305815Details
Central African Republic42001142522300686911Details
Chad87378874 011535Details
Channel Islands57751247 0183318270Details
Chile3062162749226682 19992461216016349Details
China83585786094634 4342583Details
Colombia133973562724714 87572987263293Details
Comoros3142727 0353618Details
Congo182152547 012493309Details
Costa Rica6485202325 14443712735Details
Croatia35322377117 4103886129Details
Cuba2403224486 4732128Details
Cyprus101083919 015283616Details
Czechia129198128352 124439120633Details
Côte d'Ivoire11750575279059194453Details
DRC79053513189 04203882Details
Denmark1294612077609 42602235105Details
Diamond Princess7126451345400Details
Djibouti4955467156 0228501457Details
Dominica1818 00250Details
Dominican Republic4079020426842 20819522375978Details
Ecuador64221291844900 310301373639278Details
Egypt79254227533617 415288477435Details
El Salvador91425428249 2743465140938Details
Equatorial Guinea307184251 02178218836Details
Eritrea232107 012565Details
Estonia2013189469 150151752Details
Ethiopia69732430120 354423611Details
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)131300037360Details
Faroe Islands18818700138470Details
Fiji2618 0829Details
Finland72796800329 2150131459Details
France1700947817029979 512619452606459Details
French Guiana5558255522 3029811860274Details
French Polynesia6260 02221Details
Gabon5871268246 113143263721Details
Gambia64343 027261Details
Georgia97384615 51122444Details
Germany1992571836009126 29265312378109Details
Ghana2346318622129 847127554Details
Gibraltar180176 045343Details
Greece36721374193 9210535219Details
Greenland1313 00229Details
Grenada2323 00204Details
Guadeloupe18415714 41346035Details
Guatemala2665837971092 521769148761Details
Guinea5881467236 2411734483Details
Guinea-Bissau179076025 5100590913Details
Guyana28612516 614536420Details
Haiti65822459130 0399357711Details
Holy See (Vatican City State)1220010149810Details
Honduras263842779704 5822901266371Details
Hong Kong140411877 22101870.9Details
Hungary42232941593 668943761Details
Iceland1882185410 018551429Details
Indonesia72347335293469 03534926413Details
Iran25272021501512447 3319252583008148Details
Iraq69612395022882 41527228173072Details
Ireland25565233641743 124585176353Details
Isle of Man33631224 003951282Details
Israel3563118542350 13016739387438Details
Italy24236319397834926 69134594009578Details
Jamaica75360310 01402543Details
Japan2037117466981 3819241618Details
Jordan116998210 31771151.0Details
Kazakhstan5474735137264 22119346291514Details
Kenya94482733181 2965341763Details
Kuwait5358043214383 15799831254390Details
Kyrgyzstan93583134122 246102143419Details
Lao People's Democratic Republic198001130Details
Latvia1165101930 111661816Details
Lebanon2011136836 76072955Details
Liberia96340047 05161909Details
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya13423073809971956Details
Liechtenstein84811 02220326Details
Lithuania1861156979 1521368429Details
Luxembourg47194056110 35537536176Details
MS Zaandam9020700Details
Macao4645 0171Details
Madagascar4143218334 4919261501Details
Malawi198436929 415861042Details
Malaysia86968511121 2642694Details
Maldives2553222713 12313472124Details
Mali23701621120 06291176Details
Malta6746589 07152620Details
Martinique2499814 513766437Details
Mauritania51262026144 52956110231Details
Mauritius34233010 022698Details
Mayotte2702248037 31859901136Details
Mexico28228317223033526 378765272189260Details
Moldova1892412188635 39161014691157Details
Monaco108964 082752102Details
Mongolia227197 33069Details
Montenegro101932019 0680162230Details
Montserrat11101 002204200Details
Morocco1519411705243 1932464127Details
Mozambique10923409 0743350.3Details
Myanmar3262566 06460.1Details
Namibia667251 16412620.4Details
Nepal16649801135 086035711Details
Netherlands50840N/A6136 20N/A2967358Details
New Caledonia2121 0074Details
New Zealand1542149722 0233084Details
Nicaragua2846199391 076243014Details
Niger109797668 053453Details
Nigeria3074812546689 7175131493Details
Norway89658138252 2575165346Details
Oman5361434225244 130191451049548Details
Pakistan2435991490925058 237589449110223Details
Palestine555153627 0498810885Details
Panama4221620437839 160209409781194Details
Papua New Guinea118 031Details
Paraguay2638122920 1013893703Details
Peru31644820780211314 1292973329595343Details
Philippines52914132301360 3333832448312Details
Poland37216260481562 66960698341Details
Portugal45277300491644 74135844441161Details
Qatar10263098233146 13942513655252Details
Romania31381211291847 2368405163296Details
Russia71393648906811017 2300213851489275Details
Rwanda12106233 0584930.2Details
S. Korea1333812065288 159852606Details
Saint Kitts and Nevis1615 01301Details
Saint Lucia2219 03120Details
Saint Martin43373 13111278Details
Saint Pierre Miquelon11 00173Details
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines29250042610Details
San Marino69965642 01205991238Details
Sao Tome and Principe72628314 0429331264Details
Saudi Arabia2264861630262151 222061309650462Details
Senegal78825311145 3824264719Details
Serbia1772813651370 1303707202942Details
Seychelles9411 083956Details
Sierra Leone1598112363 04122008Details
Singapore456144164526 1394377954Details
Sint Maarten786315 001819350Details
Slovakia1870148128 33613435Details
Slovenia17931429111 025386253Details
Somalia3038120992 217371916Details
South Africa2383391130613720 539121558401863Details
South Sudan202133338 016501813Details
Spain300136N/A28401 617N/A6419607Details
Sri Lanka2437198011 14461140.5Details
St. Barth66 00607Details
Sudan102045277649 0427823315Details
Suriname69445617 5221118329Details
Sweden74333N/A5500 85N/A7359545Details
Switzerland32690294001966 1613243777227Details
Syrian Arab Republic394126160252230.9Details
Taiwan4514387 06190.3Details
Tajikistan6410506754 012896726Details
Tanzania50918321 730590.4Details
Thailand3202308758 157460.8Details
Timor-Leste2424 0018Details
Togo70448315 2206852Details
Trinidad and Tobago1331208 05956Details
Tunisia1240106750 01231054Details
Turkey2099621903905300 117914272248963Details
Turks and Caicos Islands66112053170452Details
UAE5405043969330 19751546333Details
UK288133N/A44650 185N/A4244658Details
USA32244931426613135885 1566416619959740410Details
Uganda1006938 06822Details
Ukraine52043248001345 10125898119031Details
Uruguay97787829 1702818Details
Uzbekistan11857733553 4244693542Details
Venezuela8372254480 2457482943Details
Vietnam369347 1224Details
Western Sahara1081 01172Details
Yemen1356619361 03764512Details
Zambia1895134842 15051032Details
Zimbabwe92630612 0608620.8Details

Today's Top 10 Coutries by Cases

Saudi Arabia3159

Today's Top 10 Coutries by Deaths

Saudi Arabia51

Covid19 Cases growth rate by Countries

CountryGrowth RateGraphCasesDetails
South Africa
doubled in
14 days
238339Total CasesView Details
doubled in
17 days
90693Total CasesView Details
doubled in
19 days
133973Total CasesView Details
doubled in
20 days
798141Total CasesView Details
doubled in
25 days
178443Total CasesView Details
doubled in
25 days
1762263Total CasesView Details
doubled in
26 days
52914Total CasesView Details
doubled in
27 days
282283Total CasesView Details
doubled in
29 days
79254Total CasesView Details
doubled in
29 days
243599Total CasesView Details
Saudi Arabia
doubled in
30+ days
223327Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
170094Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
300136Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
74333Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
316448Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
713936Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
3220559Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
50798Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
287621Total CasesView Details
doubled in
30+ days
62357Total CasesView Details

Countrywise Recovery rate of coronavirus

CountryRecovery Index *Recovery RateRecovery %ageRecovery % Graph
Kazakhstan 32.09
RecoveryDoubled in
2 days
64.18%Recovered 62.65,61.94,63.65,62.01,63.38,61.80,62.07,62.48,63.39,62.05,61.95,61.45,61.20,61.36,61.61,61.87,61.76,62.69,60.64,59.62,60.78,34.24,34.71,33.41,32.98,32.65,31.92,31.92,68.82,64.18
Guinea-Bissau 6.07
RecoveryDoubled in
7 days
42.46%Recovered 11.02,11.02,10.48,10.48,10.48,10.25,10.25,10.25,10.25,9.93,9.93,9.93,12.28,12.28,12.28,12.28,11.83,19.64,19.64,19.17,19.17,19.17,19.17,38.30,38.30,38.30,42.46,42.46,42.46,42.46
Nepal 5.30
RecoveryDoubled in
9 days
47.73%Recovered 15.44,18.66,17.33,17.11,16.91,16.76,17.57,16.26,15.11,16.94,18.34,19.63,22.47,22.02,21.79,23.74,22.95,23.02,23.59,23.66,23.55,33.15,36.64,40.26,41.41,41.48,42.66,46.38,47.20,47.73
DRC 4.97
RecoveryDoubled in
9 days
44.77%Recovered 12.87,12.56,12.51,12.60,12.56,12.67,12.63,12.55,12.97,13.13,14.23,14.44,14.45,14.29,14.00,13.80,13.74,14.01,14.43,15.13,20.26,25.06,32.23,36.71,40.13,42.96,43.41,43.41,43.41,44.77
Ghana 3.97
RecoveryDoubled in
20 days
79.37%Recovered 36.81,36.92,36.12,35.79,35.59,35.59,35.48,35.03,34.56,34.45,73.44,73.99,73.99,74.87,73.79,73.88,74.24,74.60,75.98,74.89,74.79,74.72,74.72,73.91,73.91,74.04,76.24,78.10,76.96,79.37
Uganda 3.78
RecoveryDoubled in
24 days
90.80%Recovered 17.89,23.71,23.47,31.56,34.48,42.41,48.48,57.38,65.59,65.17,64.48,75.06,81.52,87.70,89.07,89.04,91.36,89.74,92.43,92.87,92.13,93.73,93.90,93.19,93.64,94.89,93.60,92.28,92.53,90.80
Haiti 3.74
RecoveryDoubled in
9 days
33.63%Recovered 0.63,0.61,0.61,0.58,0.58,0.54,0.53,0.51,0.49,0.48,0.47,0.47,0.46,8.19,9.43,9.24,11.20,12.22,12.22,14.14,15.58,17.09,18.70,20.64,22.37,24.46,28.63,32.34,33.63,33.63
Afghanistan 3.62
RecoveryDoubled in
17 days
61.48%Recovered 13.61,14.53,16.68,17.43,19.08,20.23,20.94,22.91,27.82,28.56,29.17,30.40,30.32,31.41,33.30,33.72,33.84,34.86,40.70,44.61,44.84,49.16,50.09,53.62,58.66,58.77,60.57,60.45,61.62,61.48
Suriname 3.46
RecoveryDoubled in
19 days
65.71%Recovered 6.25,5.36,4.81,4.59,4.33,20.96,20.34,18.39,26.71,25.26,24.42,33.76,41.38,41.38,43.14,47.18,46.53,40.90,40.61,43.31,44.08,45.23,46.07,47.59,48.85,49.16,51.30,63.88,65.26,65.71
* Recovery Index = Average daily percentage of recovered cases in "n" number of days , where n = number of recent days taken to double the percentage of recovered cases.
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World Coronavirus cases Timeline

In the last 193 days since the outbreak of COVID 19 coronavirus globaly, 12441890 confirmed cases have been detected in 214 countries. 558543 people have died of the disease while 7052760 people recovered from it.

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