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Maine Coronavirus Cases & Deaths

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TheMaine state of USA has done total 5394016 tests of which a total of 268386 confirmed cases of COVID19 coronavirus has been detected out of which 2409 deaths has been occured, and 7915 patients are active & undertreatment. An averaage of 4012772 test per million individuals have been conductes in Maine.

USA Coronavirus Cases & Deaths

StateCasesDeathsActiveNew casesNew DeathsTestsTests/millionRegional data
California1002282392356673125001743571154412739Regional data
Texas71279438907621483886951668972842307131Regional data
Florida64742537557430528600596896102779139Regional data
New York57511187005453384001134452045831591Regional data
Illinois34071893851014293500578980534569040Regional data
Pennsylvania2987357456574149500269585802105812Regional data
North Carolina2843077251513906100263562092512967Regional data
Ohio2831228387785054100222726021905416Regional data
Georgia2626597384476739800256142132412470Regional data
Michigan2592078367446096500258397922587380Regional data
New Jersey24765583400320927626022178850182013582Regional data
Tennessee2110129266302141900132453091939518Regional data
Arizona2109053304525197400198926642732990Regional data
Massachusetts1915764208912014300458805496656587Regional data
Virginia1855942205207547800191725332246206Regional data
Indiana17648762385513524100201862782998458Regional data
Wisconsin1717861147674826900168844322899892Regional data
Washington1646657131867347900152323502000337Regional data
Minnesota1546698131011221300194790123453951Regional data
South Carolina1535392180075900500167709213257303Regional data
Colorado1522515133499467300188160883267399Regional data
Missouri1496296206476281400146321892384091Regional data
Kentucky1397276161335634900136752813060940Regional data
Alabama134841119734499320078078921592412Regional data
Louisiana1296861173923502900159893473439461Regional data
Maryland1127722147654697000217073253590551Regional data
Oklahoma10657141447092650054735771383274Regional data
Utah9755074815215630094068612934181Regional data
Iowa8972229680292370084925752691723Regional data
Arkansas8610101156810371507070607942339713Regional data
Mississippi82838912507215510065010552184385Regional data
Connecticut825075110342399500155347104357212Regional data
Oregon80215777836488500117892032795149Regional data
Kansas801946894517363002269976779173Regional data
Nevada76560311006430280068755322232203Regional data
New Mexico5582597905322730073951473526824Regional data
West Virginia529262705621350063557773546460Regional data
Nebraska4971004334113440055060122846355Regional data
Idaho460741496697840029911371673771Regional data
Rhode Island4011083605107900081654457707897Regional data
New Hampshire330828257423650048451533563370Regional data
Hawaii3033331489288380039675862802221Regional data
Montana285017344422690027890122609534Regional data
Delaware283632298379370010260071053651Regional data
Maine268842241272530053940164012772Regional data
Alaska259390125279590041687935698615Regional data
North Dakota2489612295165800618121811116Regional data
South Dakota243269293627800021891822474605Regional data
Wyoming163340182936280013964432412823Regional data
District Of Columbia155268134974490030678834346989Regional data
Vermont13503068239780039530176335075Regional data
Puerto Rico76259645291051663662243918901296713Regional data
Guam51234371525004809030Regional data
United States Virgin Islands20789118216004368950Regional data
Northern Mariana Islands115693458001183870Regional data
American Samoa64143142500169640Regional data
Veteran Affairs6758122221913547374486269020Regional data
US Military661831688321760000Regional data
Federal Prisons69618303527001296770Regional data
Navajo Nation5657518070005490260Regional data
Grand Princess Ship122700000Regional data
Wuhan Repatriated3000030Regional data
Diamond Princess Ship460000460Regional data

Total coronavirus cases graph of USA

Daily Trends of coronavirus cases in USA

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Meet the longshots who could play major roles in Maine’s top elections
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Two independents, Sam Hunkler and Tiffany Bond, argue they are set far apart from the party actors they are running against.

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